Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Virtue Book

Recently, I've been experimenting with book making. Most of what I've done so far consists of little research and a lot of ideas. Although I've made a few simple books. I've been mostly using How to Make Books: Fold, Cut & Stitch Your Way to a One-of-a-Kind Book which is a beautiful book with very clear instructions.

One of the ideas that's been rattling around in my head is the idea of creating a small book of virtues. Sort of like a medieval prayer book: small, thick and portable. I'm still messing with what I want in it, but I'm thinking it would have a list of the virtues I want to follow, followed by virutes, sayings, maxims, and such from cultures and traidtions that are meaningful to me. For example the first section would be for Irish and other Celtic virutes, another section would be for Feri. I'd probably also have a section with some of the Delphic Maxims and some stuff from Buddhism. I'd seperate each section out and I'd give references in the back. Because if someone saw it I'd love to be able to site my sources, espically with the historical items.

I've been looking at a lot of the Irish Triads and using Erynn Laurie's "The Truth Against the World: Ethics and Modern Celtic Paganism" as inspiration and starting points.

I can't wait to work on this more. I'll probably be posting more about this later. Maybe even some of my final text and some images of the book.


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Donna L. Faber said...

I think book making is fascinating, and have been doing it in one form or another for years. Good luck with that! I dropped by to share my synchroblog on duality.
Maybe you'll have time to drop by and look.
Take care,