Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Contemplative Meditation from a Nun to You

I came across this meditation in my reading today. It’s from M. Macha NightMare’s blog Broomstick Chronicles. For background, she is very involved in interfaith programs where she lives and went on a retreat hosted by nuns of two different religions. The Christian nun shared this group meditation:

“Sister Marion showed us a teaching method used in her order wherein a short passage of the Bible is read aloud slowly, and really listened to. After a brief period of silence, they are read a second time. I volunteered and found myself in the odd position of reading just a few verses of the Gospel of Luke.

“We Pagans don't have a sacred text, per se; however, I intend to try this practice with a few lines of poetry, lyrical words about Nature, or maybe part of The Charge of the Goddess. I think it could enhance our understanding. As I get older, I find I enjoy contemplative spiritual practices at least as much as more active practices, if not more.”

You can find the rest of the entry here.

While I like the idea of doing this with the Charge of the Goddess, or selections from Starhawk’s “creation myth” from The Earth Path
, I also think that poems would be of particular use here. Especially primary source poems from Ireland and Wales. I can see doing this with a lot of the poems credited to Tailsen. Or evening use this as part of a longer meditation series with the three cauldrons from the Cauldron of Posey. And this would be an excellent use of Graves’ The White Goddess, since his work should be read as a poetic inspiration rather than historical fact.

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